Pelvic floor pain

The pelvic floor is literally where your all your organs rest. This complex set of muscles can get tired as well!



Here in Atx360, we believe that rehabilitation of the muscles as we provide you with relief is the route to sustained pain free state.

Hip/Sacroiliac joint Pain

The bones and joints of your pelvis must have the balance and strength required to form the base of a bucket that holds all your organs yet still be flexible enough to allow you to walk around. The two joints involved are the hip joint (the joint where your legs attach to your hip) and the sacroiliac joint (the joint where your hip attaches to the lower back). Both joints can be worn down and cause groin and lower back pain respectively.



The best way to help with this is to inject the joint as we help rehabilitate the surrounding muscles to better cope with your daily activity requirement. In case this is insufficient, we may need to diagnostically turn off the nerves going to the joint and subsequently turn them off semi-permanently. If this does not help, a sacroiliac joint fusion or a hip replacement may be needed.

Penile/vaginal/Rectal pain

Here in ATx360, we understand how difficult it is to seek help for pain involving this. In fact, research shows that this pain is most associated with psychological distress. The innervations for the penis, vagina, and rectum are quite complex and the source of the pain can be quite diverse.



We have the capability to turn down these nerves and provide evidence-based medications to most help you. Expect a comfortable setting where we go through each of your sensations that cause you the distress, discuss the muscles/nerves involved and the current practices which have been shown to be most effective in giving you long term relief.

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