Facial Pain

Facial Pain is usually caused by trauma but can be caused by any occurrence where the muscles, skin, or nerves are irritated.



There several options available to treat facial pain. First, we may use superficial injections to the surface nerves and creams to provide relief.

If ineffective, we may recommend a sphenopalatine ganglion block during which we deliver lidocaine through the nose into the back of the nose, where the nerves of your face meet, and a gasserian nerve block, where we are able to inject the nerves as they exit the brain.

If needed, a final option could be to designate your care to a neurosurgeon who can isolate the nerve that is causing your pain depending on very specific MRI findings. Facial pain can be one of the most difficult sources of pain to treat so we take a stepwise approach to help you in the most comfortable way for you.

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