Chronic intra-abdominal pain

Intra-abdominal pain is often caused by damage to various structures within the abdomen. This pain is often vague but responds well to targeting the nerves that go to these organs. The nerves to various structures are well known and follow a very pre-determined path as they go to the organ which is the cause of your distress.



We can inject them diagnostically and if you have pain relief, permanently turn them down.

Abdominal wall pain

The abdominal wall is a very complicated set of muscles that have to not just keep everything within but perform the job of helping you move in many directions.



These muscles respond well to rehabilitation but sometimes need some help. We can inject the muscles with calming anesthetics and steroid to help them along in the rehabilitation process. If this does not help, we have the capability to turn off some of the nerves that give you sensation.

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