Who We Are

Located in Austin, Texas, the ATx360 interventional pain management team specializes in comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment of head pain, facial pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, check/upper back pain, mid-back pain, lower back pain, pelvic pain, knee pain, ankle/foot pain, and total body pain.

Why We Are here

The sole purpose of the ATx360 pain management specialists is to help you live your best life by building a genuine relationship with you before building your treatment plans. By striving to understand who you are and what you truly hope to achieve through treatment, we can build a customized pain management plan in which you have a voice. There is ZERO pressure to have a procedure you are not comfortable with or to take a prescription you do not want to take. YOU are the captain of this ship, and your pain management should always align with your goals.

How Planning Your Pain Management Works

This is a partnership. It’s a journey we take together with clear timelines, honest and judgment-free communication, and real results. Step-by-step, we work with you to…

  • Identify something you used to enjoy doing

    that you can’t do anymore because of pain and set your goal.

  • Agree on a realistic timeline

    in which our team will help you achieve that goal.

  • Create a custom pain management plan

    to reach your goal using traditional or non-traditional procedures, medications, or alternative methods with which you are comfortable.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about how our pain management specialists in Austin, Texas, can help you start living your best life.

Aditya B Pulikal, MD

Our Physician Adi Pulikal, MD

Dr. Pulikal started off as a certified welder and automotive body specialist. After graduating from a combined medical school and law school program at the University of Iowa, with a MD and JD, Dr. Pulikal went on to get trained as a surgical intern at SUNY Upstate. After this, he was trained in Psychiatry for four years at the university of Miami and had a fellowship in interventional pain management through the department of anesthesia at the University of Miami. Currently, he is double board-certified in pain management and psychiatry, licensed both as a physician and an attorney but insists that he is more the mechanic/physician type than a psychiatrist/lawyer type of guy.